Monday, 21 September 2015

Tic by Cypress

On the sideline scouting for teammates that are open.
Fourth quarter and there is only seven seconds left on the clock,
I’m stuck in place.

Mad gorillas surrounding me calling for the ball.
Audience is cheering, going seriously crazy

I’ve stopped breathing,
staring into an imaginary distance.
Thinking about last play,
should I cut through the d?
or let my team do the job for me?
I am like an owl at night scavenging around my surroundings.
So much plays to use but only I think of one.
Time to do this.

Passing the ball to my teammate,
Quickly running into the court like a madman,
Cutting through to the back waiting for a pass,
I take a call,
3 seconds now left,
I get the ball and waste the clock a little,

In the air back down into slow motion again many thoughts in my head like,
“Will I miss, will I get it or do I look epic?”
The sight of victory is in my eyes as I release now its time to see the truth.

The ball takes lift off and makes its way towards the rim,

Everyone freezes.

Tic toc tic,

0.4 seconds on the clock, 0.3, 0.2, 0.1.


Crank, Plank, Shih.


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Tuakana/Teina by Lavinia

Sorry guys but here is another delayed post from yesterday. So yesterday our whole school had Tuakana Teina Day! Our buddies for Tuakana Teina was Room 1, my buddy was Htoo Say Wah! It was a really good day yesterday because we did fun activities with our buddies but the best thing me and my buddy enjoyed about yesterday was that in the first block before the bell went we got to make healthy sandwiches it was really YUM! And our other favorite part of the day was when when at the last block the little kids got to do bike riding around our bike track and the year 8's got to play touch on the field. I enjoyed every single hour, minute and second of yesterday! 

Home Run by Mehi

For writing our classes writing focus was Poems. We had to write about a sport and I chose to do softball. So as you can see below is my Descriptive Poem that I have written about Peaceful Play. Hope you enjoy my poem!
Home Run

It’s a Summer morning and the game is about to begin,
The final group chat before the game.

Sitting silently still,
Feeling the grass tickling my legs as I anxiously try to think of different ways to reach home base.
  I step up to the plate, take a deep breathe and look straight into the pitcher's demanding eyes,
my stomach soon develops butterflies.
I start to question myself, “Will I hit the ball?.......
Will I even make it to the first base?”
I could see a slight smirk on the pitcher’s face while she launches the ball into mid air making it head straight to my bat  as fast as lightning then

The ball goes zooming across the field while the bat flew right behind me.
I started to sprint towards the first base as fast as a cheetah while trying to not let the helmet fall off since it didn’t grip tightly on my head.
At the corner of my eye I see my team cheering me on from the sideline.

I passed the first base and start running towards the second base.
I see my opponents running towards me with the ball in their hands.

I up my game and start running even faster as if I’m running for my life.
I could see them getting closer and closer.
The suspense shocks straight through my whole body.

I pass the second base and onto the third.
The adrenaline all around my body makes me excited yet so determined to get to home base.
I pass the third base and start running for home base.
I feel anxious to get there.
I see the other team throw the ball to the backstop.
Pressure kicks in while I’m running.
I get closer and closer just like the ball in the air.
Three more steps and

I slide in just seconds before the backstop catches the ball.

I stand up with joy while trying to keep the victory in and just walk right to the back of the line.

Tuakana/Teina with Room 1 by Mehi

On Monday the whole school had Tuakana Teina which is a day where the senior students buddy up with a junior class and do fun activites. The class we had was Room 1 and my Buddy was Taynah. We both made healthy sandwiches and talked about how we can be healthy.
The highlight for me was getting to work with a younger student because they're just so fun and CUTE!

Monday, 7 September 2015

Independent Choice Reading Tumble Tasks - Ajani and Bruce

Monday morning and straight back into learning and sharing our completed work on our learning blogs - here are some of our students independent choice reading tasks.

WALT: gain a greater general knowledge about the world around us.
For this activity we just had to explain general knowledge about the country's we chose I chose Australia.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Slogeball by Mehi

This is a Google Drawing that I have created which shows a game that I created with my imagination called Slodgeball. Above shows the instructions of the game. Well first of all this is one of the tasks that my class had to do for Tuakana Teina. Hope you try out playing this game if you do have FUN!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Predator Tag - Tuakana Teina by Lolo's Group

Today my group and I taught some young students a game we had designed for our inquiry task this week. This game was called Predator tag. The presentation above will tell you the outcome of the game we designed. We look forward to the next Tuakana/Teina day with Room 1 and Room 2. 

Hand Soccer - Tuakana/Teina by Christopher's Group

This is a presentation I made with my buddies. Today we had a tuakana teina day with Room 1 & 2. The game we created was called 'Hand Soccer' which we taught to the students in Room 1 & 2.

Knocking Cones - Tuakana/Teina by Ma'asi and William

Today we presented a game to the year 1's and year 2's at our school. Our task was to create a new game. I made this game with my buddy Ma'asi, we had good co-operation between us two and develop our teamwork.