Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Adolescence by Mehi

This is a drawing about what adolescence is. On this drawing I have summarised what I think Adolescence means. As you can see there is a bridge and on one side of the bridge is a picture of childhood and on the other is a picture of adulthood. These pictures mean that Adolescence is the bridge between childhood and adulthood.

What is Adolescence? by Cypress

I created this Drawing for a homework task Ms Aireen assigned us to do in our own spare time. The drawing above this description just tells you what adolescence is and what happens when you go through it.

Faith - A College Task about Willy

Hi, there. My name is Willy and today I’ll talk about a value that then became a deep one for my thoughts and personality, that is now a great value! One value that I have that I am glad to have This means that I have full trust in something or someone who I would believe will do something good later on. This value that I chose is important to me because having faith in something that you think will turn out good will result in you gaining the feeling of trust, knowing that when you trust in something/someone for something else, you will definitely take hold on that trust. I, personally, think that values such as having faith can boost your personality and help your life in school, home, and in the community. I bet I use this value quite often, actually. Sometimes, when a friend says they’ll help online later on, I can trust them, and also, when they say they’ll complete their work, I can trust them! I have absolute faith in them! And when an event comes into mind, I can have faith that it doesn’t get interrupted by any sort of interruption. This value, to me, was from many people I’ve encountered so far, including teachers, family members (especially parents), and friends...why? Because of them, I have faith in them to give me faith!

That’s all I need to say about faith.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

ANZAC - By Willy and Mehi

Hello, reader. My name is Willy and right now I present to you the ANZAC poem me and my great friend Mehi collaborated on. Truth be told, she made a prompt and I "went into the river and went with the flow". Then, all of a sudden, this came! A few "verses" giving an idea to the reader about ANZAC Day with the use of figurative language in places.

And to believe this took a day or two to write. I'm not that good in poetry!

So check out the poem Mehi and I wrote, well, typed down as we were thinking of those who lost their lives, but are noe remembered for their service to their country.

Oh, yes, there's a bit of a mistake towards the end. Instead of just the letter "e", it was "hope". And the ending was "We Will Remember Them".

Why Should People Celebrate ANZAC Day? By Willy

ANZAC Day. The day of remembrance and commemorations across two countries brought together. To stand together. This week, for the reading tasks, they were all related to ANZAC Day, comprehension activities to make us students think a lot about this day.

One of the tasks was to make a popplet or padlet (I did padlet because I didn't want to lose a popplet) to show some ideas about why people should celebrate ANZAC Day.

I went to do a LOT of research and learnt many new things about our ANZACs, the Turkish side of the story, what their name was (the Ottoman Empire), and lots more about the Gallipoli landings.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Myths & Legends Around the World by Kia Manawanui

This term our inquiry topic is Myths and Legends. For one of our first lessons we were required to explore different myths and legends around the world and from different cultures.

Here is our syndicate padlet of some of the myths and legends around the world.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Cypress Sharing About His Favourite Sport - Basketball

Just a drawing showing people the rules of basketball and how to play. This will help you if you need help.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Rugby League Update from Stanley

Hey guys just want to say me and my Rugby team had a good game last week on Saturday against Pt Chev but yeah we won big time and I just want to thank the boys and my coach because that whole 10 week of training was payed off so yeah good game. So now I think you guys are like whats the score man, But yeah the score was 72-12 to PAKURANGA!!!! and I got 2 point so I went to praize giving at 5:00 pm on Saturday night and got my gift then after that I went with my team to the Pakuranga night market which was across the road and thats all I wanted to say Thank You. 
P.S I scored one try YEAHH!

Canterbury Earthquake - Novel Study Series: Remember - by Willy

Hi, everybody!

The Novel Study series has begun and luckily there are some things too easy to accomplish!

This task for "Remember" (because the Novel Study presentation uses the Bloom's Taxonomy) that I chose is to record myself, using vocaroo, read a favourite chapter of mine from my book (Canterbury Quake: Christchurch 2010-11). But...

There is, one small thing about this book. You see, the book doesn't...really...have...chapters...

It's like a diary. In a diary, there are no chapters. Only...uh...entries, as people call them, recounting different days which goes on and on and o...

So, this "entry" that became my favourites, from the book, is on Friday, September 10th, 2011:

Here goes nothing...

It was short, but it really hit me with the main character (whose name is Maddy) after "the big one" had hit Christchurch, and was facing aftershocks in her sleep, hence the poem.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Video Games by Cypress

During the holidays I have been playing video games a lot. Mostly survival and sports games. You might be thinking why would I be publishing a post about video games. Well one reason, Education. Yeah I said it education. How does the video games that you play educate you. Through the pas week I have been learning new skills and techniques from the video games that I play. For example if you were playing a sports game it teach's you new strategies and skills on how to offend, defend and score. Or if you were playing a war game it shows you lots of ways to kill your enemy without getting hurt and to also how to aim a gun. All video games have lessons but in the lessons you got to do one thing to know what you have to do, that one thing is just one word.

Image result for video gamesTake a guess...

That's right the word is read. In every video game you got to read to know what to actually do and reading is not just in video games, it is everywhere. On the streets are signs you have to read while your in a car, while watching TV the guide has words that you have to read to know what your watching and don't forget in school and so on. You also have been reading this text that is telling you about reading and video games. From reading this post you were reading but now it comes to an end. I hope you have enjoyed this text that went from video games to education, learning and skills, but for now good bye (Imagine Me waving good bye.)

Stanley's Blog Post Before His First Rugby Game of the Season

Hey guys 1 more sleep till my my first game of to 2015 P.S I played Rugby League for 4 years okay but yeah I am excited for tomorrows game and yes we are up against Pt Chev 11:30 am and also if you have nothing to do tomorrow please come and support me but if you want at Pakuranga rugby league club and yes that will probably be me Bye. Oh sorry I play for PAKURANGA!!! Paku boys all the way.

Patosina Watched Fast and Furious 7

On Wednesday I was treated to the movies to watch Fast and Furious 7.I have shown on this google drawing about my experience and review on this movie,using the 5 senses.
Comment down below any suggestions and anything you'd like to share with me,have a great day. 

Find Out What Mehi Got Up To On Saturday

So hey guys it's me again, Mehi just having another normal saturday where I sleep in, get up like after ten, get ready, have breakfast, watch T.V and many other normal things. But today is different just slightly different because I have to learn my bible verses for my White Sunday that is coming up in May. Well if you don't know what White Sunday is it is a day for parents and families to acknowledge and celebrate childhood by hosting special programs during church services which include Biblical story reenactments, and creative dance performances. I don't really like learning bible verses because its just sooo boring and you miss out on the fun. Well after I learnt like what two lines of my bible verse I went to my sweet netbook where the internet and fun stuff was waiting for me. Well if you didn't know but I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON like literally I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON because he is so inspirational to me not only from his music and dance but from his heart. He cares for everybody especially children. He would invite disabled or sick children over to his home called 'Neverland Ranch' where they would play and have fun which I think is so kind and generous. His home is like a whole ranch with a amusement park and even a MOVIE THEATRE. Which is just soooo COOL! He does this because he wants them to feel included in fun things and he also just wants to see them happy. But anywho I would listen to his music and watch many different stuff about him from his music to his documentaries. I'll sometimes even watch the same video clips over and over and over again and once I have had enough of watching I'll email Willy and talk to him about Michael Jackson he thinks that Michael Jackson is AWESOME too (but he's probably sick of me always talking about Michael Jackson). So yeah that's about it. Have a great rest of your Saturday and Bye!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Some of our students are super excited about the holidays!

Ma'asi has shared some great ideas here for activities to do these school holidays.

YAHOO! Today I done a brainstorm about the holidays, and finally I get a break from school the time flies really quick.
Anyway if you have no idea what to do with your family in the holidays use these ideas and you will have a great holiday with your family.
I hope all of you will use some of the advice and have a great holiday.

Lets talk about Teachers by Brandon

The post below is from one of our student councillors - Brandon - who has written a little reflection on the second to last day of school. As part of our Heroes Inquiry, we teachers decided to practice a random act of kindness and treat our students to a movie morning with popcorn as a treat for a busy term. 

Let me talk to you about Teachers. Teachers are sometimes cool and sometimes not, but you've just got to hang in there. Today my Teacher Miss Aireen and Whaea Petra were in a great mood this morning because today she said there was a surprise and the surprise was Movies. I watched Big Hero 6 because it was the only movie that I haven't seen yet. It was very emotional. I was so emotional that one of the students cried because someone died.

In the afternoon we had shared lunch and we buddied up with room 1 and room 2. It was really cool seeing all the little smiles on them and kind of funny because one kid I saw he had a crazy face when I told him to smile and I started to laugh and so did Brodie. During lunch time the year 7's boys/girls and 8's girls had there immunisations. I was so glad that the year 8 boys didn't have to do immunisations because I wanted to play basketball with my friends.

So thats why you should be good to your teachers and 
they will give you the same respect back!