Friday, 27 February 2015

The Journey by Mehi (Recount Writing)

The Journey

Safe, happy, together.
Until…….. a big gust of wind blows me away from my family, then a huge cloud of thick fog approaches making the faces of my family fade.
I feel miserable and lonely as I drift away into the foggy forest. I then land into a pile of other leaves, I feel different and scared as I hear heavy thumps. It gets closer and closer, I try to stay as quiet as I can so that it doesn’t squash me. I can see the angry expression on its face looking like it is going to squash me as I lie there waiting for the right time . All of a sudden it picks me up and blows me away.

I start drifting away into the open forest. At first i’m scared but then I start to recognise the way. I can hear powerful gushes of water hitting into the river. The ear bending sound of the wind howling frightens me. I can smell the essences of the fresh water which fascinates me. The expression on my face then lights up which made me say in a happy mood, “I’m going home!” I then enter into the watery atmosphere. I try my best to land safely into the water. The cold touch tickles me. I drift off all alone looking like a
abandoned driftwood. While i’m drifting the happy expression on my face slowly fades. I then start to think about my family and friends which makes me happy again. Then a huge burst of wind pushes me. It then lifts me up into the air. I start to fly away like a bird. Then I soon recognise that I am going to the opposite direction of where my family is. I then start to feel miserable and droopy again. Even though I was feeling miserable I still never gave up I am still going to find a way back home even if it takes me days. As I hover across the different types of trees and rivers I soon found myself in a nest.

I start to panic. I start shouting to myself, “I’M GONNA GET EATEN ALIVE!” Then soon realise that birds don’t eat leaves. THey ain’t vegetarians. I feel so embarrassed. As I waited and waited I could hear chirping nearby I get scared and frightened. I start to panic and then after waiting for several hours a huge gust of wind finally comes and takes me away just in time before the birds come back to their nest. “whew, What a relief.” I say in a relieved tone. I then start my journey again in the air. The view from above was beautiful. I could see the different types of trees, insects and waterways. 

Then from a distance I can see my home. I start to get excited and happy. The closer I was home the more excited I got, I just couldn’t wait, I was so impatient that I began wobbling and shaking. After the excitement I finally was at home. My brothers, sisters and parents were so happy to see me. They said that they woke up and saw that I wasn’t there and started to worry. They thought I just went for I ride around the Forest. But when I told them the awesome journey I had they didn’t even care as long as I was safe at home.


The Amazing Race - Kia Manawanui - Reflection by Mehi

This is a presentation about my reflection on the year 7&8 Amazing Race. Which took place on Thursday 26th February, 2015 at Tamaki Primary School. 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Tanisslous and Cypress' Proposal to the School Principal

This is the drawing that me and my friend Tanisslous (Click here to see Tanisslous's blog) presented to the principle about getting a built in basketball hoop. Like if you like, Like if you don't like too.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Blooms Taxonomy Current Events by Tiere

This is my Bloom's Taxonomy presentation I did with my buddy. It is about the article School Uniforms and the different opinions on it and also questions that are about the article.

Personal Connections with Heroes by Mele

This is my work about personal connections with heroes that I have done in class during learning this week - Term 1 Week 4.

Back To School By Tiere

This is my google drawing about what back to school means. It involves words that relate to school and the positive side of school.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Characteristics Tree by Quitah

Hello There.
 This is my tree that describes me in a positive way.
For this activity we had to describe ourselves in a positive way.
We had to type 15 things to describe ourselves.

Characteristics Tree by Starr

Characteristics Tree by Lavinia

This is my Kia manawanui characteristic tree. This represents me and how I learn inside and out of school and also in school. In the white writing I have wrote a quote and my quote says "It's not what you have in your pocket that makes you thankful it's what you have in your heart."

Bloom's Taxonomy Current Events by Willy

Here is this week's Current Events. Looks different, right? Yeah, that's because the hats are gone. No, just kidding. From now, the Current Events presentation will take an approach on not the 6 Thinking Hats but the Blooms Taxonomy: Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analysing, Evaluating, and Creating.

Sounds cool, now right? I'll answer for you, since I can predict from now that SOME people may say no. So I'll say it anyway. Yes, it is cool. :D

I shouldn't spoil the whole thing, but the article I've chosen for this task is about an accident that occurred in Wellington earlier this week. Enjoy reading and I hope to read your feedback!

Willy's Characteristics Tree

The drawings are back in motion!

This particular drawing is my Characteristics Tree. A tree which includes my characteristic traits. Some of the traits include reliable, tall, hard-working. Try and spot some more, because surely from where I'm looking, I can see most of them...

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Kia Manawanui - Characteristics of me as a learner - Lauren

Today students have been creating both digital and paper copies of art to represent themselves as learners. Students chose different characteristics that they admire 
and want to display in Kia Manawanui Senior Syndicate this year. 
Students also chose a quote that meant something to them. 

Here is Lauren's awesome example of the activity - check out her wonderful quote.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Kia Manawanui - Be Big Hearted

Unpacking the words 'Kia Manawanui' (which means Be Big Hearted) was the main focus of the day. This whole week we have been focusing on making connections with others our the syndicate. A significant way of doing this was through a variety of group work and collaboration.

What does Kia Manawanui mean?
  1. We started by working in groups and we were given 2 words - 'Big Hearted'. We were required to think of synonyms/key words and phrases related to this concept. What does Big Hearted mean to men?
  2. We presented our group ideas to the class. 

These are all the words that we came up with as a class - words that mean Kia Manawanui. 

4. We then had to choose a key word - one that we think sums up Kia Manawanui - and design a symbol that represents this word. 

5. We presented our symbol for to the class before displaying it up on the wall. 

This is only our draft copy which is displayed in our school hall. We will be working on completing our good copy in the weeks ahead for our new classroom environment. 

Setting Class Expectations - 2015

One of the ways to set a positive classroom culture at the beginning of the year is to encourage lots of group work that encourages students to negotiate, share their ideas and views, and interactive with each other during group discussions and learning tasks.

Students were encouraged to work in groups to set class expectations for 6 different categories.  View the Photo album below to find out about the 6 categories of expectations for the Kia Manawanui @ TPS.

Kia Manawanui Current Events Exemplar

Here is our class exemplar showing how to use critical thinking to analyse a current event. We completed this presentation as a syndicate using two articles which are linked on the first slide. This year we are developing our critical thinking skills using Bloom's Taxonomy and this activity will be done as part of our reading tumble. We would love some feedback so please comment below.