Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Room 6 - Te Whare Tapa Wha Manaiakalani Movie

Tena koutou katoa

We hope you enjoyed the 2015 Manaiakalani Film Festival!!

Please enjoy our movie about Te Whare Tapa Wha - 4 areas of health and well-being.
It would be great to get some feedback on our movie so that we can improve for our next movie-making adventure!

Be Big Hearted by Willy - Manaiakalani Film Festival 2015

Here is a movie put together by our STAR blogger at TPS. 
Be BIG HEARTED by Willy. 

Willy worked very hard to put this movie together with his peers in Room 10.  
Click here to view Willy's movie trailer for this movie and the bloopers

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Sunny side up - exploring our life-giving star

Our inquiry investigations this week looked at the Sun. We integrated our learning into reading, writing, and art. The students completed a range of tasks designed to help students understand how the Sun affects us here on Earth.

Today we where learning about the sun and here is a little drawing of facts about the sun.

WALT: Connect to the topic (Earth and Beyond) and Rhyme.
Today in class I decide to make a poem on the sun, I enjoy rhyming so why not!

WALT create an sun poem

Today I have created my very own sun poem.I have did an acrostic poem to help me describe the sun.I found it kind of tricky because how the sun is very far.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the sun...THANKYOU

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Willy's Movie Trailer for the Manaiakalani Film Festival 2015

Here is a snippet of Willy's movie Trailer for the Manaiakalani Film Festival this year.

Here are the bloopers for his movie. Willy worked very hard with some Year 8 students to put his movie together.  We will post his movie after the Manaiakalani film festival on Wednesday 11th November. 

'Be Big Bloopers' from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Activating Prior Knowledge in Room 6

Term 4 has started with a rush and a roar, or rather a countdown and a blast off! This term for Inquiry we are investigating the Earth and Beyond, the Final Frontier, and began the unit by activating our prior knowledge. It's always a good idea to start with what you know. By discussing ideas and concepts (and misconceptions) that we already know about Space, we can identify areas we need to investigate further and make connections with new knowledge.

Mrs Manuyag did an awesome art lesson on the first day back as part of the Inquiry Unit's big reveal. The students created representations of our solar system, with planets, the Sun, and an asteroid belt using inspiration from the Mandala art technique.

A common way that we get the students talking and thinking about a new topic is by completing a bus stop activity. Miss Aireen and I came up with questions that related to the topic, eg. What words do we know that are associated with Space? 

Students are organised into small groups and start off at one of the bus stop questions. Before the activity started we had a rousing whole class discussion to get the brain juices flowing before setting off for quick fire stops. Students had around 2mins at each question to jot down their ideas.

Once all the groups had answered each of the questions we had a feedback session where groups identified the top 5 answers on their sheet. I recorded these ideas on a class presentation for the students to refer to and add to as a follow up activity. The feedback session generated some more interesting discussion and I can already tell this Inquiry topic is really going to generate some great questioning and debate amongst the students.

Onwards and Upwards - To Infinity and Beyond!

Oh and yes we have already had lots of giggles when mentioning the 7th planet in our Solar System, whoever named Uranus has a lot to answer for!

NZ Shakeout Day - Reported by Willy

"Everyone, everywhere should know the right action to take before, during and after an earthquake."
Hi, there, again! Finally on track for blogging now!

Room 10, and probably Tamaki Primary, have today learnt a little about the upcoming national (meaning over New Zealand as it is out nation) event that is...New Zealand Shake Out Day! Tamaki Primary is going to participate, along with almost probably ALL of New Zealand, participating in this annual and national event, where we all practise the earthquake drill:


And little known (or not really little known) fact, the whole world is participating also, not just New Zealand. Over 40 million are also participating. So, yes, this day is PRETTY important. Important for you, me, EVERYBODY!

It will happen tomorrow. October the 15th. 2015. Remember that, reader! It may be important!Also, the drill occurs at a specific time, too. Yes, it does, believe it or not! The whole drill starts at 9:15am and we will, again I say it: DROP COVER and HOLD. Specifically, and as the site says:


DROP down onto your hands and knees (before the earthquake knocks you down). This position protects you from falling but allows you to still move if necessary.

COVER your head and neck (and your entire body if possible) under a sturdy table. If there is no shelter nearby, get down near an interior wall (or next to lowlying furniture that won’t fall on you), and cover your head and neck with your arms and hands.

HOLD on to your shelter (or your position to protect your head and neck) until the shaking stops. Be prepared to move with your shelter if the shaking shifts it around.


We're going to practise this drill tomorrow because it is a chance for everyone in New Zealand to practise what to do if an earthquake happens - because literally, it can come anytime! And so that if an earthquake happens, and we know what to do, we can DROPCOVER, and HOLD

As of now, there have been 1.2 MILLION New Zealanders signed up and prepared for the national drill, and it's going to be great! The main aim for the amount of participants is 1.5 million, so let's hope more people sign up!


October 15th.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Room 10's Water Bottle Rocket Experiment

This week we were introduced to our inquiry topic through a water bottle rocket experiment. We used the scientific method to document this experiment. Some students in our class also put a video together so that you can see this experiment in action.

Water Bottle Rocket from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Tic by Cypress

On the sideline scouting for teammates that are open.
Fourth quarter and there is only seven seconds left on the clock,
I’m stuck in place.

Mad gorillas surrounding me calling for the ball.
Audience is cheering, going seriously crazy

I’ve stopped breathing,
staring into an imaginary distance.
Thinking about last play,
should I cut through the d?
or let my team do the job for me?
I am like an owl at night scavenging around my surroundings.
So much plays to use but only I think of one.
Time to do this.

Passing the ball to my teammate,
Quickly running into the court like a madman,
Cutting through to the back waiting for a pass,
I take a call,
3 seconds now left,
I get the ball and waste the clock a little,

In the air back down into slow motion again many thoughts in my head like,
“Will I miss, will I get it or do I look epic?”
The sight of victory is in my eyes as I release now its time to see the truth.

The ball takes lift off and makes its way towards the rim,

Everyone freezes.

Tic toc tic,

0.4 seconds on the clock, 0.3, 0.2, 0.1.


Crank, Plank, Shih.


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Tuakana/Teina by Lavinia

Sorry guys but here is another delayed post from yesterday. So yesterday our whole school had Tuakana Teina Day! Our buddies for Tuakana Teina was Room 1, my buddy was Htoo Say Wah! It was a really good day yesterday because we did fun activities with our buddies but the best thing me and my buddy enjoyed about yesterday was that in the first block before the bell went we got to make healthy sandwiches it was really YUM! And our other favorite part of the day was when when at the last block the little kids got to do bike riding around our bike track and the year 8's got to play touch on the field. I enjoyed every single hour, minute and second of yesterday! 

Home Run by Mehi

For writing our classes writing focus was Poems. We had to write about a sport and I chose to do softball. So as you can see below is my Descriptive Poem that I have written about Peaceful Play. Hope you enjoy my poem!
Home Run

It’s a Summer morning and the game is about to begin,
The final group chat before the game.

Sitting silently still,
Feeling the grass tickling my legs as I anxiously try to think of different ways to reach home base.
  I step up to the plate, take a deep breathe and look straight into the pitcher's demanding eyes,
my stomach soon develops butterflies.
I start to question myself, “Will I hit the ball?.......
Will I even make it to the first base?”
I could see a slight smirk on the pitcher’s face while she launches the ball into mid air making it head straight to my bat  as fast as lightning then

The ball goes zooming across the field while the bat flew right behind me.
I started to sprint towards the first base as fast as a cheetah while trying to not let the helmet fall off since it didn’t grip tightly on my head.
At the corner of my eye I see my team cheering me on from the sideline.

I passed the first base and start running towards the second base.
I see my opponents running towards me with the ball in their hands.

I up my game and start running even faster as if I’m running for my life.
I could see them getting closer and closer.
The suspense shocks straight through my whole body.

I pass the second base and onto the third.
The adrenaline all around my body makes me excited yet so determined to get to home base.
I pass the third base and start running for home base.
I feel anxious to get there.
I see the other team throw the ball to the backstop.
Pressure kicks in while I’m running.
I get closer and closer just like the ball in the air.
Three more steps and

I slide in just seconds before the backstop catches the ball.

I stand up with joy while trying to keep the victory in and just walk right to the back of the line.

Tuakana/Teina with Room 1 by Mehi

On Monday the whole school had Tuakana Teina which is a day where the senior students buddy up with a junior class and do fun activites. The class we had was Room 1 and my Buddy was Taynah. We both made healthy sandwiches and talked about how we can be healthy.
The highlight for me was getting to work with a younger student because they're just so fun and CUTE!

Monday, 7 September 2015

Independent Choice Reading Tumble Tasks - Ajani and Bruce

Monday morning and straight back into learning and sharing our completed work on our learning blogs - here are some of our students independent choice reading tasks.

WALT: gain a greater general knowledge about the world around us.
For this activity we just had to explain general knowledge about the country's we chose I chose Australia.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Slogeball by Mehi

This is a Google Drawing that I have created which shows a game that I created with my imagination called Slodgeball. Above shows the instructions of the game. Well first of all this is one of the tasks that my class had to do for Tuakana Teina. Hope you try out playing this game if you do have FUN!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Predator Tag - Tuakana Teina by Lolo's Group

Today my group and I taught some young students a game we had designed for our inquiry task this week. This game was called Predator tag. The presentation above will tell you the outcome of the game we designed. We look forward to the next Tuakana/Teina day with Room 1 and Room 2. 

Hand Soccer - Tuakana/Teina by Christopher's Group

This is a presentation I made with my buddies. Today we had a tuakana teina day with Room 1 & 2. The game we created was called 'Hand Soccer' which we taught to the students in Room 1 & 2.

Knocking Cones - Tuakana/Teina by Ma'asi and William

Today we presented a game to the year 1's and year 2's at our school. Our task was to create a new game. I made this game with my buddy Ma'asi, we had good co-operation between us two and develop our teamwork.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Year 7's Growth Mindset Quotes - Nita, Amelia, Fa'amanu, and Marcus

In Week 5 the Year 7 students looked at different 
Growth Mindset quotes, or quotes that made them 
think in a positive and open way. 



Friday, 21 August 2015

Graphic Design Group - Balloon Toss by Mehi, Lyric and Kahlicia

This term for Technology I am in the group Graphic Design. For Graphic Design we are creating a activity that can be used in our school playground. I am with year 7's, Lyric and Kahlicia. We all agreed to do the Balloon Toss game which is basically like a bean bag toss game but instead of having a board we would be using buckets instead. This presentation shows the considerations for our game.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Describing Myself - Kahlicia

Kia Manawanui students have started taking part in the Attitude programme and the Year 7 students had 3 sessions looking at friendship and how to be yourself. 

After hearing the students struggle to describe themselves positively, I asked each student to create a DLO and brainstorm different words that they would use to describe themself and then also to ask for words from a few of their classmates too.

Here is Kahlicia's DLO.

Investigating the history of Rugby by Marcus

Today in class we each chose a recent sport and investigated further.

Fun with the Trolley by Chardonnay

This recount is about a past experience that I experienced a few months ago. Me and my current best friend were bored during my mums shopping day so we decided to play around in the trolleys. This event happened to be a very memorable day for me and my best friend. I hope you enjoy and read the WHOLE presentation. Our WALT is to write a past experience relating to something we 'myself' did in our childhood. AKA(childhood memory.

Night Market Safari By Deandra Cooper

This is a google presentation that I have made to showcase my own recount about a past childhood memory relating to Peaceful Play.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Year 7 & 8 Girls and Boys Netball

AAIMS Eastern Zone Netball Tournament

Tuesday 4 August AMI Stadium

On Tuesday T.P.S. had 3 teams represent the school in the AAIMS netball tournament. This year we took one Year 7 and one Year 8 Girls team as well as a mixed Year 7 & 8 Boys team (that played in the Year 8 competition).

The teams were excited and nervous to be playing out our first AAIMS netball competition. The coaches were all so proud on the day, as our students showed great spirit and drive competing. 

It was a long and full on day, with between 4 and 6 games played by each team. We had some wonderful help umpiring the games and the students got a buzz from seeing such a range of skills and ability on show.  

Each team managed to secure some wins along with some loses and one draw - all the while showing our school values of "humble winners and gracious losers". I was impressed to see lots of encouragement and support for each other and students also were showing great growth mindset in keeping on trying even when it got tough, and learning from challenges and mistakes.

Check out one of the Year 7 girls reflections on the day below.





Nita and Raena's Maths Learning - Division Wheels

WALT:use our division and multiplication facts to solve math problems.
Today we had to answer the word problems and put in our strategies and 
how we did it.
Thank you for reading my work!

!Please give me feedback and feedforward! 

!Enjoy reading!

Friday, 31 July 2015

Mehi's Jam Bus Experience - Thursday 30th July

OH MY GOSH, Today was SOOOOOOO COOL because I got to record with Jam bus which is a Professional Recording Company that goes around different schools recording with them. I got to actually RECORD with them I mean like at first I was nervous because I thought that I would mess up and let the team down but luckily I didn't (I think)...We had a few practice rounds and then BOOM the magic was just about to BEGIN!!!

First all the musicians played their instruments for a backing track. After that, it was time to record the vocals, which were me and Ma'asi. I had a few mistakes but that's okay because we could just record it again but the clock was ticking and we needed to be efficient with the time. I sang and sang the verses and chorus' while WILLY WAS VIDEO RECORDING ME!!! It was SOOO FUNNY because I'll block the camera and then he'll try to sneak up and get a glimpse of me. After a while, I didn't really care. I actually called him one of the paparazzi's, but the good ones!!

Anywho, it was time to record the endings, 'MAKE THAT CHANGE' part. Even though it was so short it was quite hard because I had to make sure I said it clearly and I had to make sure it was in the right timing.

Then after morning tea I got to RECORD AGAIN!!!! YAY!! Well only for the song Titanium which was sung by Me, Ma'asi, Raena and Petra.

But after it was all done I actually felt sad because I LOVED THE WHOLE THING!!! I also felt SO PROUD OF MYSELF BECAUSE I ACCOMPLISHED ANOTHER DREAM OF MINE!!! It was a magical moment and I just LOVED IT!!! :) I even got TWO STICKERS FROM THE JAMBUS!!!
Moments like these in life are just so UNFORGETTABLE!!!

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Mining Minsets by Shantai

This DLO is about Growth Mindsets (Minds and people that don't
 stop trying and don't give up). The WALT for this task was to write
down inspiring quotes that relate to a Growth Mindset.
I have also added the names of who wrote these quotes so if you
 would like to you can research them.

Mindsets by Deandra

This is a DLO presentation that I have made to show case my personal reflection of having a Growth Mindset. A growth mindset person is someone show does not give up, who perseveres through setbacks and takes charge of their life and they steer it down a path where they are promised a bright future. I would love to embrace having a Growth Mindset so that I too may have a bright future.

Thinkers Keys - by Deandra Cooper

This DLO(digital learning object) is a google presentation about 'Thinkers Keys', I have composed this presentation to support the information I have done myself that relates to our current inquiry unit which is 'Practising Peaceful Play.'

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Marcus and Andre's Guess the Shape Presentation

First week back to school and straight into the new geometry focus for maths - here two of our students Marcus and Andre have created a presentation that is designed to help students to learn about the different features of 2D and 3D shapes by identifying them using different clues. The task was designed to help out our junior classes and the students are looking forward to sharing their work with the Year 2 and 3 students soon.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

What some of our students are getting up to these school holidays

School Holiday Blogging

It is great to see some of our senior TPS students using their netbooks and blogging about different activities they are doing during the holidays or reflecting on their learning journey in Term 2.

This is a google drawing that I have created which is about a short reflection on my day at a fun Rock Climbing Place, which I went with my fellow friends a.k.a Junior Youth Group. Sorry I didn't blog this earlier it's just I was having some technical difficulties but alas it is here!

James @ Tamaki Primary School

I am learning to right a reflection about term 2.
I hope you can comment on my work so I can see what I need to work on or to see what I have improved on.
Thank you!

Hi. Today I was practising my multiplication for a little while, experimenting some games and seeing if they were actually a benefit to learning and practising multiplication. Some games I played...nooot so good, they were mostly running games, collecting coins, and if a question popped up, it would only be either a basic times table (like 5 multiples, 10 multiples, 2 multiples), or, a repeating question.

Then, out of the loss of hope, I went onto the games that were sort of basic, but would still help me practise.

So here is the loop cards, online....

Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Power of Words By Deandra, Teina & Quitah

This week for Cybersmart we had a serious discussion about 'The Power of Words'. We

  • discussed words/phrases that are commonly used to hurt a person online. 
  • discussed reasons of why people hurt others online through the power of words. 
  • role played different scenarios related to 'the power of words' and discussed positive solutions to these situations. 
We had to create a DLO of a situation that relates to hurting others through the power of word's and show possible solutions.

We enjoyed this lesson as it raised some in-depth discussions and questions about cyberbully and how people use mean words to communicate and hurt others online. It's important that we are taught some important strategies on how to respond to people when they are writing mean things about us or to us online.

This is a cybersmart lesson that will continue on next week and we look forward to the second part of this lesson - THE POWER OF WORDS.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Conquering the Summit - Thanks to Kids Can


Today some of the students from Tamaki Primary School were given an awesome free trip to Rangitoto Island, courtesy of Kids Can, Tasti and Fullers Ferries. It was so great seeing the children all bright eyed and very excited in the morning, all smart and warm in their Warriors Jackets (thanks Kids Can!).

The bus ride and ferry terminal were filled with the enthusiastic and very loud voices of approximately 60 students, all eager to start the adventure! The photo below is of a large group of the students taking part in a new and noisy game of 'Pukana' which was a lot of fun and also provided some entertainment for the tourists walking around the Cloud this morning!
We had our own chartered Fullers ferry for the journey over and all of the children received a Charlie's Bottle of Water and assorted Tasti snacks which were promptly devoured on the ride over to Rangitoto. For some of the students it was only their first or second ride on a boat so again the energy levels were very high as we made our way out of the harbour. Many of the students had never been to Rangitoto before and were a little bit daunted when they saw the summit we were heading for way up in the distance.  

The wonderful group of volunteers supporting us were from Tasti and once we had sorted the students into their groups we started off on the ascent. After a false start where the leaders tried to take us to Motutapu Island we made our way onwards and upwards through the stunning volcanic rock and interesting vegetation. The older students were practically running their way to the top - which provided more rigorous exercise for the teachers than expected!

It was an invigorating, educational, talkative and fun ascent and descent with a quick stop at the top for lunch. A lot of the children were knackered by the top but still found the energy for games, loud conversation and lots of joking on the way down. Needless to say we did not see any wildlife and other visitors to the island definitely heard us coming! It was so heart-warming to see the excitement and joy in the students and I was so proud of them all for showing resilience and perseverance. The thank you speeches at the conclusion of the day made me proud to be part of such a great group of students and so thankful for organisations like Kids Can, Fullers and Tasti that support our students to experience these types of amazing adventures. The students will remember this for many years to come!!

Friday, 12 June 2015

Figurative Language/Phrases by Deandra, Lauren and Kraven - Isis

For this task we were encouraged to used figurative language to describe a main character from a myth we have read.

My group and I read the a myth called 'Love Finds a Way'. The main character in this story is a lady called Isis. We focussed this task on Isis.

To find out about Isis please view our group presentation. 

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Descriptive Sentences Library Hunt - Paige's Favourites

The Year 7 students had a great time in the library this week with the wonderful Mrs Manuyag! For written language we are beginning to write our own myths. To help us with our descriptive language we looked at books in the school library to help us find good examples to help us write our own descriptive sentences.

Here are Paige's  

Descriptive Sentences

Today at the Library we looked for books that had descriptive sentences. These are some of my favorites.

1. The forest was silent and still 
2. Standing as motionless as the rocks and roots about him 
3. The light grew dim as the wood drank down the dusk 
4. Watching his surroundings take on the colour of night

Samoan Language Week - Nita's Colours

For Samoan Language Week, Kia Manawanui students investigated different words in Samoan - here is Nita's DLO.

These are the colours in Samoan. This will help you know the colours but in Samoan.
Colours in Samoan
WALT: learn the colours in Samoan
Learn the colours in your own time anywhere any time.

Raechal's Favourite Mythical Creature

To help our students investigate myths and legends we incorporated a movie study into our inquiry unit. 

WALT  apply critical thinking skills to complete a movie study.
Yesterday we watched the movie Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. We are using Bloom's taxonomy to elaborate more on our thinking about the movie. You have to use critical thinking in able to complete bloom's taxonomy. The stage that I am on right now is applying.

Sunday, 24 May 2015


Our amazing student councillors hosted a school assembly about Pink Shirt Day.
Click here to find out about Pink Shirt Day. We raised over $126 which will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation so that this foundation continues to raise the awareness of bullying.

Press play to view a video put together by our student councillors related to the key theme of Pink Shirt Day which is standing up to 'BULLYING'.